Why Choose a Saveh Persian Rug

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There are different styles and designs of Persian rugs, and the Saveh Persian rug is just one of them.
So why choose a Persian rug? These rugs are authentic, and regarded as a true work of art. It takes several months to weave it, and the finished rug has an antique-look which seems to display history in itself.
Shasavan tribes mostly reside in Saveh, which is located south (80 km) of Tehran. Most of the carpets that the tribes weave are functional pieces like mafrashes, saddle bags, and animal trappings. They frequently use Kilim and Soumak weaves for their textiles.
Saveh weavers use Turkish knots, so you need to inspect the carpets back because its quality depend largely on the number of knots. The average number of knots per square-inch is 120, the more the knots the better.
Saveh carpets and rugs have stunning geometric patterns. These carpets/rugs are highly durable and of the best quality. Most of these rugs come in dark red persian rug having a beautiful contrast with ivory. It also comes in blue, brown, and soft green colors. You can find different rug sizes but most Saveh rugs are mid-sized, from 4ft x 6ft to 8ft x 10ft. The foundation of these rugs is mostly cotton for the warps, and cotton/wool for the wefts.
You should expect to pay about five to eleven dollars PSF or per square-foot for a Saveh Persian rug, and this is because of its superior quality-pattern. Among all nomadic carpets, the Saveh rug is the best.
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