Vinyl Shutters Are a Common Choice For Windows Exterior

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Vinyl Shutters Are a Common Choice For Windows Exterior, But They Are Not the Only Option

pvc shutters for windows exterior

Vinyl shutters are a popular choice for exterior windows, but they're not the only option. Composite shutters and foamed synthetics are more durable and realistic. And while vinyl shutters are less expensive than wood, they may not be as weatherproof. These are just a few reasons why you should consider using wooden shutters for your windows. So what are the other options? Continue reading to find out more. You'll be glad that you did.

Wood is the best material for exterior shutters

There are two main types: faux and wood exterior pvc shutters. Wood shutters are the best choice for exterior windows. However, faux shutters are less durable and wear out more quickly than wood shutters. There are many reasons why wood is better than other materials for exterior shutters. Your location is the first thing to consider. Some regions are more humid than others, so you may want to consider a wood material that is bug and moisture resistant.

Vinyl shutters are the least expensive

If you want to add a shutter to your windows but you do not have the budget to purchase real wood, you can opt for vinyl shutters. These shutters are less expensive than their wooden counterparts and they also have the advantage of being more durable. Vinyl shutters come in a variety of textures and colors. They are available in natural and white colors. Furthermore, they are easier to install. Apart from that, they are lightweight and easy to install. They are even available in small sizes.

Composite shutters look more real

Composite shutters might be a better option than vinyl shutters if you are looking to replace your exterior window shutters. Composite shutters have subtle imperfections and can mimic wood shutters. Composite shutters can be more expensive than vinyl ones, but they still need to be painted so it's not always a bad idea to spend more.

Foamed synthetics shutters are more durable than vinyl shutters

The main difference between vinyl and wood shutters is the way they look. Wood shutters are more aesthetically pleasing, but vinyl tends to show signs of aging and is difficult to clean. Wood shutters are expensive and heavy, but synthetic ones are much lighter. Foamed synthetic shutters are more insulating and fire resistant. Vinyl shutters are more difficult to clean than foamed synthetic shutters but require less maintenance.

Versatex is a solid, architectural grade cellular PVC

The cellular PVC material used in Versatex is similar to AZEK, a cellular material that is superior to vinyl in both looks and performance. The material is rigid and can be worked as easily as real wood. Unlike wood, cellular PVC offers superior performance without paying a premium price. Versatex is good for the environment as well as good for your building. Versatex's Everlast Series Composite Wood Windows are made of a proprietary blend of specialty polymers and acrylic resins, which create a super-tough solid core. The Everlast Series Composite Wood Windows are a great choice for privacy and style.

Exterior shutters made of basswood are very popular.

Basswood is one of the most popular materials for exterior pvc shutters. This wood is popular for a variety of reasons, including its lightweight nature, easy application, and unmatched durability. Its uniform grain makes it easy to work with and is strong enough to resist decay or rot. It's a great choice for interior shutters because of its light weight. It's also easier to work with and won’t cause damage to the frames.

Composite shutters are less maintenance than vinyl shutters

Composite shutters are an option if you are tired of maintaining wooden or vinyl shutters. Composite shutters are made from a pressed-board core and a poly-vinyl cover. Composite shutters lose their colors over time and become less rigid. Composite shutters can warp and peel in humid climates. Vinyl shutters, on the other hand are more susceptible to deterioration.

Wood composite shutters are cheaper than vinyl shutters

There are many advantages to choosing wood composite shutters for your windows exterior. Compared to real wood, they are cheaper. Wood composite shutters are made from engineered wood and vinyl wrapped in PVC or vinyl. Although some wood composite shutters are durable, they are not as beautiful as wooden shutters. They also tend to deteriorate faster than their wood counterparts.

Wood composite shutters last longer than vinyl shutters

Vinyl and wood composite shutters can be made from the same material but the materials used are different. Vinyl shutters are lightweight, and are therefore ideal for homes with weaker exterior construction materials. Natural wood shutters, typically made from cedar or pine, are much more durable. Cedar is particularly strong, and can withstand hurricane-force winds. These shutters do not require any chemicals and give your home a classic look. However, they are not as durable as wood shutters and can become subject to water rot, mold, and termites.

Wood composite shutters are more affordable

If you're considering buying shutters for your windows, you might be wondering whether wood or composite ones are better. Generally speaking, wood shutters are better because they don't chip or crack like their composite counterparts do. Wood is the most popular material for custom applications because of its durability, ease of staining and painting, and rich appearance. For these reasons, wood is the material of choice for many luxury homes because they have a higher appraisal value.

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