Webinar Must-Have Features And Their Uses

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The number of webinar software platforms is on the rise, so are the users. People, businesses and other organizations have adopted the culture of using webinar. However, before you choose a platform there are things to consider. The considerations include capacity to accommodate participant interactions among others. The reason for these considerations is to ensure a successful meeting or hosting of a session. 

This article is to act as guide for considerations before choosing a webinar platform. It seeks to give an insight on the considerations and their uses. The considerations and uses are therefore discussed below:

  1. Interaction with the participants. 

Webinar platforms should enable the host to interact with his or her participants. Most of these platforms have interactive tools like Q&A, polls, charts and surveys. The participants use the tools to ask questions during the session. This makes the discussion engaging rather than boring. It enables the host to answer the asked questions creating a relationship between audience and host.

These sessions also act as a way of giving host feedback about their product or services. Feedback on the product or services is a way the business owner can use to improve their product hence increased sales.

  1. Recording

Unlike other sites, webinar platforms allow the host to record sessions. These recordings are of get help to someone who missed out on the sessions. The person is able to access the pre-recorded sessions through accessing the recordings. The recordings can also be used for future references by the audience or interested persons. 

The host may choose to record the session if some of his or her target audience is busy people. The pre-recorded sessions are known as on-demand. 

  1. Real time experience

The webinar platforms provide a real live experience to its users. It has features like audio, chat and video that facilitates interactions between host and audience or participants. One of the characters of webinars is that it facilitates live sessions. 

The live sessions give the participants firsthand information. It keeps the participants engaged and active during the meeting or discussion. It is the best way the business owner can get feedback about their services. 

Using the chat room enables a two communication between host/presenters and audience. The live session is also used as a way to sell a product like giving tutorials on how to use product. It encourages knowledge sharing between parties to the discussion. 

The real time experience has led to the growth of the numbers of virtual or online users.

  1. Screen sharing

Using the webinar software, different webinar platforms enable host to share the screen while handling a video conference. The host is able to give a presentation via Power point and Microsoft among other sites while sitting using webinar. 

This encourages multi-tasking, effective presentation and interactions between host and audience. 

  1. Whiteboard

Webinars provide a whiteboard for its audience and the host. The whiteboard provides tools like shapes, drawing tools text boxes among others. This helps the host illustrate and easily explain their points of discussion to the audience.

It keeps the audience interacted with effective presentations using the objects and other drawing tools.


Webinars provide a wide range of features to their users to ensure an effective discussion. These features are of great importance to the users. Therefore while considering any platform to host a meeting or discussion, look for the above features as they come in handy for an effective webinar session. 

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