Top 3 Strategies for Building Free Links

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Building links is an essential part of SEO. Without backlinks, you’re unlikely to build a very strong level of traffic any time soon. (Not to mention your ranking too, obviously)

It is important that you know a number of different strategies to build links without buying them. (In fact, I recommend you never buy links as you’ve no clue where those links might be connected to!) Any free link that is from a reputable source is well worth the trouble! This is especially if your business is just a start-up, which SEO agencies offer services to help out with.

Today, I’ll teach you about the top three strategies for building free links. Take a look!

#1 – Report Broken Links

One of the quickest ways to get some free backlinks is to go looking for broken links on other websites. When you locate a website with a few broken links, point it out to them and give some suggestions for sites that could be used to replace the broken link. (Include your own website in the suggestions, obviously)

Since you were the one to find the broken links, the owner of that website may be grateful enough to use your website in the new link, giving you a strong backlink, just like that!

#2 – Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another easy way to gain free backlinks. You’re writing content on someone else’s platform who has asked for your input there. All you have to do in that situation is to slip a single backlink to your website in the content.

Generally, people who run sites for guest blogging are aware that businesses do this and allow it. Make sure you just add a single backlink. More than one backlink on an off-site piece of content could get you penalized.

#3 – Competitor Analysis

You can also try to gain backlinks by observing where your competitors are getting theirs from. Your competitors will gain links from websites that would also be beneficial to you. Make sure to look at the website to confirm that it would fit your business niche before reaching out to them. 

Alternatively, learn how to optimize your website from an expert!


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