Brad Roemer Shares Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

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If you have ever spent late nights not being able to sleep as Brad Roemer Oakland has, you will know there are a ton of kitchen gadgets that are advertised. For some reason, when you are up late you find all sorts of infomercials that are full of empty promises. Does anyone remember RonCo products? Well, some of the items are not as worthless as they first appear. We have taken a look at hundreds of products that promise they will solve your kitchen problems and have found a few of them that are worth picking up.


Kitchen Gadgets

As humans, we are constantly trying to find new and improved ways to make our lives more bearable. Usually, this involves making more time to sit in front of the television. If you are not the kind of person that likes to spend a lot of time cooking, you might find some of these gadgets worth the money that you will spend on them. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top kitchen gadgets that will make your life so simple, you won’t know how you ever lived without them.


  1. BottleLoft – If you are always having people over and want to make sure that they have something to drink when they arrive, chances are you have some bottles of alcohol in your fridge. Well, if you are not the type to drink them quickly, you might find that they get in the way. Well, that is a think of the past with BottleLoft. BottleLoft is a magnetic strip that you adhere to the top of your refrigerator that will hold your bottles. This will make more room on the shelf for the things that you really need there.
  2. Avocado Slicer – You know that having that avocado gunk all over your fingers is nasty feeling. Well, with the avocado slicer, those days are over. The slicer can not only cut the avocado open, but you can also dig out the pit with it and then slice it – all in a matter of seconds. Making your morning avocado toast has never been easier. If you get a chance, you need to take a look at this product. You will be happy that you did.
  3. Automatic Jar Opener – It has often been said that one of the only reasons that women keep men around is to open jars. Well, men, we have some bad news for you. Now that there is an automatic jar opener, you are not as useful anymore. We guess that you will have to get better at other things around the house to earn your keep. Perhaps become an expert spider hunter.
  4. Herb Scissors – When you first look at this gadget you will think that it is quite funny looking. However, it will give you perfectly sliced herbs every single time. Why would you need that? Well, as you know if the size is all the same, it will all cook the same. No more will you have to work on your knife skills with this handy gadget.



Brad Roemer has tried some really bad gadgets in the past. However, he has felt that these will have a permanent place in his kitchen for years to come.

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