Inizio Mall Prices: The best in this range

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If someone is looking for an opportunity to invest in, then Inizio Mall prices are the best in entire Egypt. The mall offers both comfort and security. It is located in the capital of Egypt. The Karma Real Estate company has done a huge investment of 500 million Egyptian pounds in this place.

So, let us study in detail the benefits and pricing of this project.


Why choose Inizio?

The mainland is located near the vital points of the New capital region. It provides amazing facilities with the latest technology. All the locations like the Opera House, Administrative Capital Airport, and Central Bank of Egypt are near this mall. 


Advantages of purchasing the property

  • Entertainment and sports facilities

Various amusement and fitness areas are provided inside the mall. These places bring out joy and create a nice ambiance. Special care is taken regarding the visitors and workers of the place. A full-time gym is available for any person. You can have complete benefits of the fitness equipment. 

Apart from this, some restaurants and cafeterias are installed on the roof of the building. Both of them have provided superior service.

  • Security and surveillance 

The mall is equipped with surveillance cameras with sensors that run all day. They record every moment of the people walking in and out of the mall. This results in having tight security. Moreover, the mall has security guards that protect from any mishappenings. 

  • 5 High-quality elevators

One of the best elevator systems is installed inside the building. These five elevators are installed for customer comfort. They work every day without any halts. The process is maintained by the service company of the mall itself.

  • Air conditioning on every floor

A central air conditioning system can be found on every floor of the building. The system provides a constant airflow. It gives out fresh and cool air to improve the interiors of the mall. So, no one will ever encounter a stale or unbreathable environment.

  • Runs on pure energy

Every device in this mall runs on natural energy. This energy is generated via solar panels. The system generates renewable electricity. Therefore, there is no wastage of power. In addition to that, the extra electricity is either stored or distributed for further use.

  • 2 prayer rooms

Inizio mall also has two separate prayer rooms. Both men and women are allowed to enter this area. The rooms are well isolated from other sections of the mall. This is done to improve the privacy of a person.


Cost of the area

The entire area is around 10,400m2. The per meter price ranges from 28,000 EGP to 37,400 EGP. This can go to more than 924,000 EGP depending on separate units. 

The payment system is divided into 2 groups. The first one spans to 8 years. While the second one goes to over 9 years. But these methods come with a reservation and receipt fee. Depending on the investment plan, you are charged 10% or 15% in the initial stage.



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