Should I Tip a Massage Therapist after a Massage?

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When getting a massage from a massage centre, there is usually consideration about whether a client needs to tip a therapist or not. Should you tip a massage therapist after a massage session? What is the significance of tipping a therapist? How much should you tip a massage therapist? These are some of the relevant questions that will be answered in this article.

Should you tip a massage therapist?

Without mincing words, you are not under any obligation to tip a massage therapist after a tantric massage session. Before undergoing massage therapy, you must have paid the massage centre for the service you want to receive. Therefore, you don’t have to tip your therapist as they will be paid by the centre for the service rendered.

However, tipping a massage therapist is a relatively good act. A good tip can be considered to be a more welcoming way to say thank you to your massage therapist for a job well done.

Again, you should note that tipping is an individual thing. Whether you tip a massage therapist or not, you have not committed any crime. Nevertheless, if you can, you should not hesitate to tip your massage therapist.

Why should you tip your therapist?

  • It can be used to show appreciation to a therapist

When rendering any service, the main target of a professional is to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the quality of the services provided. Therefore, it is not surprising that a massage therapist will want to know whether a massage is good or not.

Of course, you can use your words to let a therapist that you enjoyed the service provided or not. However, tipping is a better way you can explore to tell a therapist that they did a good job.

  • It can be a source of encouragement

After getting massage therapy, you can encourage the therapist by providing a tip. With the aid of tipping, the therapist will feel that they have done a good job. Hence, they will be encouraged to go the extra mile to satisfy the needs of the next clients. Therefore, you should think about the ripple effects of giving a tip on other clients of a massage centre.

  • It is a little act of kindness

Everyone is going through various things in their career, family, and so on. Hence, a little act of kindness can be what they need to look forward to the future. Tipping is one of the little acts of kindness that a client can show to a massage therapist. Although the tip can look small and inconsequential to you, it may be capable of making the day of the therapist. In addition, this little act of kindness can be a major boost to their mental health.

How much should you give as a tip?

Perchance you are ready to tip your next massage therapist. How much is a good tip? How much should you tip him or her? Factually, we do not have a thumb rule for determining how much a person should tip a masseuse or masseur.

However, in most cases, you should consider tipping a massage therapist about 15 to 20% of the massage quote. Let’s assume that you have been charged £100 by a massage spa. You can tip your massage therapist about £15 to £20. But if you have more or less than 15-20% of the massage fee, you should not hesitate to tip your therapist.

Nevertheless, you must understand that your tip must not be too low. For instance, tipping £1 or £2 can be quite insulting to a massage therapist. Such a low amount doesn’t encourage the therapist to do more.

How should you tip a therapist?

The best way to tip a massage therapist is to give them the cash directly. Don’t add it to the initial payment for the massage. By providing the cash, the tip will directly belong to the therapist, not the massage centre. After tipping the therapist, you should not forget to say thank you.

Nonetheless, some massage centres usually offer small envelopes to their clients that want to tip their massage therapists. In this case, you need to use the envelope and write the name of your therapist on it. This allows the spa to give the cash to the therapist concerned. Unfortunately, some spas will still take some shares of the cash and give the rest to the therapist.  A few spas may not give the therapist the money directly that day, but they will add the tip to the therapist’s wage.

Essential considerations for giving a tip

As you are getting set to tip your therapist, you must consider the following:

  • Tipping is not allowed in some massage spas

Before tipping a therapist for a tantric massage in London, you must realize that tipping is prohibited in some massage spas. These spas just want their clients to walk in and enjoy massage therapy without worrying about whether they should tip their therapists or not.

Therefore, to avoid any issue, you should read the policies of any massage spa you want to visit. You must ascertain whether the spa allows tipping or not. When you are in doubt, you should ask about it.

  • Some consider tipping to encourage low wage payment

Some groups believe that the culture of tipping is one of the reasons behind low wage payments. Therefore, such groups are against tipping massage therapists and other professionals delivering their services to clients.

While such a belief may have some iota of truth, it does not help the massage therapist in any way. Not tipping a massage therapist doesn’t necessarily mean that the massage spa will suddenly increase their wages. It rather prevents the massage therapist from making extra money through tips.

In a nutshell, tipping is not compulsory when getting a massage from a massage spa. However, tipping is a way to appreciate massage therapists and encourage them to continue delivering high-quality services. If you can, don’t shy away from tipping your massage therapist.

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