The Most Effective Method Of Removing The Tattoo

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What is a tattoo?

A tattoo is a kind of art in which some design of text or symbol is carved on the skin with the help of a needle. In this process, the ink particle is fixed inside the skin with the help of a needle. Since these ink particles are very large, our body mechanism finds it's not possible to throw these particles out of the body.


History of tattoo

How old the practice of the tattoo is?

It is found that the history of tattoo is not very new, it is used since before thousands of years. It is said that the origin was tattoo happened as to heal the body and give relaxation from pain but now the whole scene is changed.

Reasons for removing the tattoo at various instances

If we think that why people want to get rid of it, many reasons will come in from of us. Some of them might be.

There are many reasons for which people want to get rid of it. Some people want to lose the tattoo to forget the memory of their ex. Some people want to lose it as it is not acceptable in their would-be workplace. Many also want to lose it as it creates an unnecessarily loads of cloths on us sometimes just to hide the tattoo.

What are the methods available?

With the progress of technology, we people are going to get better and better model of everything. Even this field is not untouched with modern technology.

Before sometimes there were very limited ways to remove a tattoo, but the whole scene has been changed.

 At present we have some very popular and effective methods to remove the tattoos. Some of those methods are Salabrasion, skin excision, laser method, injecting the skin, peel of the skin etc. All these methods are very effective at its place as per the requirements. The most effective method among these is Laser techniques. It is considered to be the most advanced method of tattoo removal. Here we will discuss Laser method only. In this article, we will get to know many things about this technique. So let's start

Laser method

As I said before, this is considered the most advanced method for removing the tattoo. In this method, the laser light is used to treat the tattoo. With the help of a strong monochromatic laser beam, the whole tattoo is removed after some sessions. This method is very useful when the tattoo is very large and cannot be removed by any other method like skin excision or graffing method. This method works more effectively with darker colours like black or blue.

Steps involved in this method.

First of all, we need to visit the dermatologist and fix the schedule. Now in the first session, the whole processes pass through many steps. One day before starting the process the person whose tattoo is to be removed is told not to take any medication as it may create some complexion. The procedure starts with the application of anaesthesia on the tattoo area of the skin of the person. This is applied to numb the tattooed skin of the person so that he will not be able to feel the pain and the whole process will be completed without any disturbance.

After making the skin numb, the laser beam is made fall on the skin with the laser gun. These beams go through the skin upper layer and reaches the dermis layer where the ink pigments are fixed while making the tattoo.

How does this laser method work?

In this process, the laser falling on the skin enters the dermis layers. There they break down the larger sized ink particles into smaller ones. These particles are so small that they can be easily carried through the bloodstream of the body and can be absorbed and thrown out of the body.

What is the meaning of Laser?

The word LASER is the acronym of ' Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation'. This is a very monochromatic light beam. It has very power of penetrating the objects. The laser beam used in this process is used in a very controlled way so that it could go only up to the layer where the ink particles are fixed.


There are some precautions which we must take before, during and after the procedure.

Always use this method with some authentic dermatologist.

Keep someone with you who can help you during and the sitting in doing some task for you, in arranging your required stuff and taking you back to home safely if you feel some dizziness after the session.

Since its the matter of your health also, never compromise with the quality of work just for the sake of saving some penny.

Never leave any session undone as it may make the whole process complicated and make you spend some more time and buck.

Time duration

Every two sessions in this method have a gap of approx 3 months. This gap is required as the whole small pieces of colour pigment do not come out all at once. They come out by and by and almost take a 3-month time to come out completely. This method also requires 7-10 sittings or as per the prescription of the dermatologist. Since it's not possible to break down all the ink particles in the first sitting, 7-10 sittings are required in this method.

Through this method takes a little more time, you will never regret to have this method after using it. Once you will use it you will not need to go for any other method.

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