Bottini Fuel Explains Why You Should Replace Your

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For many years now, Bottini Fuel has been telling people that wood-burning fireplaces are a thing of the past. There are much better ways to keep your home warm during the cold months. That is not the only reason that you should replace your wood-burning fireplace. In this article, we are going to give you multiple reasons as to why your wood-burning fireplace has no place in your home.

Chimney Sweeps

The sad fact is that they no longer sing and dance. Ok, they never have, but Mary Poppins made us wish that they did. That would be a wonderful service that they could provide while they are doing one of the dirtiest jobs known to man. While a wood burning fireplace has a lot of tradition in the world, the fact of the matter is that they just are not efficient when it comes to warming your home. The majority of the heat just goes out the chimney. You end up spending a lot of money on wood and getting very little return. Propane-powered fireplaces, on the other hand, retain much more of the heat in your house. You will get the same look, it will just be powered in a different way.


Of all the ways that your house can start on fire in the winter, the chimney is the number one cause. The reason for this is the creosote buildup. Creosote is caused by not burning the wood at a proper temperature. Therefore, the deposits will adhere to the walls of the chimney. Over time, they will get hot enough and ignite. The heat on the walls of the chimney will be so intense that it will eventually catch something in your house on fire. After that, you will be left with nothing but the foundation of your home. With propane fireplaces, you do not have to worry about that buildup. It simply does not exist as the fuel burns clean at all times.


The smoke is really bad for the environment. In fact, many municipalities have passed ordinances against having wood-burning fireplaces. The only way that you can have one is if you already had one. You can find a fireplace that will adhere to the ordinances, but you will pay a lot of money just to have it. You would be much better of just installing a propane fireplace with fake logs. This will give you the same romantic feeling of having a wood-burning fireplace at a much cheaper price.


Bottini Fuel loves fireplaces. We just feel that when it comes to using them that we need to make sure that we are using the right product for the job. With the majority of the heat escaping, you will not really be warming up your house. I may look warm and inviting but it will only be inviting. Well, that is until the creosote builds up and your house catches on fire. Then the fireplace won’t matter much. If all of that has not convinced you, think of all the good you will be doing by reducing the number of carbon emissions that you will be producing by making the switch.

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