Where Can You Buy a Portable TENS Unit?

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Are you looking for a portable TENS unit? Something you can take with you anywhere runs on batteries and is easy to setup and use?

If your like me, you really enjoy the relief from pain these little units can give, especially when traveling.

So, where can you find these little gems?

Portable TENS units are Widely Available

TENS units have been around for a while and the technology for making them portable has been worked out for quite a while. This has led to these products becoming widely available and affordable. The main thing you need to know before purchasing is how much you want your TENS unit to do. The more features and controls that you have, the higher the price. Also, some units also fill the dual role of stimulating muscles so that you have two components in one package.

So, prices can range widely according to package. Basic 2 lead 3 mode units start at approximately $23.00 and increase in price as you add to its functionality.

Better Brands Mean Better Quality To make sure that you are getting a quality product, look for the brand names you recognize. Companies who have invested heavily in their brand recognition don't want to waste all that time and money spent on advertising by providing shoddy products. Their unit will be top quality and they will have a well established service department to help deal with any defective items.

Also, read the product reviews that accompany the item description. People who have actually used the product have shared their experience so that others can make a better purchase decision. They will quickly bring to light any problems that exist with the product, retailer or manufacturer.

Proper Usage of Portable TENS Units

- Ensure that the device is completely charged prior to attempting to use it. This prevents its sudden inoperability during a pain-relieving session

- Apply a small amount of conducive gel to the electrodes at the bottom of your unit. This facilitates sufficient subcutaneous electrical flow necessary for optimal results.

- Place attached electrodes on the skin surface just above the area wherein you desire pain relief.

- After ascertaining that all device settings are correct, turn the unit on. Most portable TENS devices feature automatic timers to switch them off after a certain period of time.

TENS is an effective pain relief solution for arthritis, MS, cancer, bursitis, labor pains, post operative pain, and various strains in the back, foot, or knee. Non-laboring pregnant women and patients with cardiac pacemakers should avoid using TENS units.

Neither non-portable or portable TENS units should be used without the prior recommendation and ongoing supervision of a qualified healthcare provider. Once prescribed, however, physicians typically allow in-home use of portable units that are easy to purchase online and via local medical supply outlets.

How to Find a Great Deal

The smart move when searching for a great deal on any product online is to go to a site that finds the best prices for you. Why spend all that time searching when it has already been done?

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