Craving for Turkish Sweets

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Craving for Turkish Sweets? Try delicious Turkish Candied Chestnuts

It’s Sunday afternoon and you plan to spend the rest of your weekend relaxing and unwinding before returning to your Monday activities. You’re sitting by the window with a cup of hot tea when your mind suddenly takes you back to Turkey, to that specific afternoon you spent with your loved ones chatting at the rooftop over a bowl of Turkish Sweets. Let’s bring back those precious memories through the indulging yumminess of Turkish Sweets, especially the delicious Turkish Candied Chestnuts!

Are Turkish Sweets the best that is out there?

Arguably, Middle Eastern desserts are simply the best in the world. They are more than just sugary and sweet. Every type of dessert contains complex ingredients or made through a complex process. And it is common to add herbs and spices to enrich the flavor. Imagine how flavorful every bite is!

Turkey is leading this industry. Turkish Sweets have become everyone’s favorite, not just in Turkey but also in many parts of the world. The thing is Turkish Sweets are not just one taste or one texture. They are available in many variations, so there is always something for everyone! Don’t believe us? Take a look at these popular Turkish Sweets:

Flaky Turkish Baklava

Made from layers of baked thin pastry, filled with nuts, drenched in syrup, and topped with drizzles of honey or sugar, how does that sound? Every bite just melts in your mouth. Even though there are many other pastry desserts out there, there is nothing like Turkish Baklava. The key is dozens of thin layers of pastry and re-baking it while drenched in syrup. Authentic Turkish Baklava is handmade with care.

Melting Turkish Delight

Imagine a bowl of all sorts of starchy sweets. Each is bursting with flavors that are uniquely Turkish. This kind of treats is so popular that it made its way to the big screen through Narnia movie.

Turkish Delight is also known as lokum. It is made of starch and sugar. Additional ingredients are added to create unique flavors. The most common variant is flavored with rosewater.

Delicious Turkish Candied Chestnuts

Fully ripe chestnuts are cooked to perfection through boiling in sugary water. Then, each of them is drenched in the syrupy mix. That is what delicious Turkish Candied Chestnuts is all about. Originally from a city called Bursa, this type of Turkish Sweets is made of selected finest chestnuts, creating a plump texture and amazing mix of flavors.

Buy Turkish Sweets online

Talking about Turkish Sweets and scrolling through the photos can cause a sudden urge to eat Turkish Sweets! When this happens, just order your favorite Turkish Sweets online. From the flaky Baklava to the delicious candied chestnuts, anything you want is now available online!

While most food products are too risky to ship around the world, these Turkish Sweets will arrive at your door safely. They are made specially to withstand the shipping process. Each box is packed carefully and securely to maintain freshness.

Buying Guide: Things you need to consider before buying Turkish Sweets online

Since there are many variants available online, you need to know which one is the best in terms of price and quality. To figure that out, consider the following things:

  • Pick the most compact size. Some products come in different types of packaging. Floss Halva, for example, is available in one bulk of a quarter bag or smaller pieces in a box. The latter is best to shop online since it will not take so much space. Even though it is smaller in volume, you will get the same amount of floss!

  • Check the expiration date. When buying online, this is a bit tricky. Instead of checking directly on the packaging, you have to read the product’s description thoroughly. Instead of expiration dates, online products usually provide a suggestion on how quickly you should finish the batch.


Thanks to their online availability, you don’t have to buy tickets to Turkey just to cure your craving for Turkish Sweets. If you cannot make your mind up, just add everything you want into your online shopping cart. Share the delightfulness with the people you love at home. It is time to relive the sweet memories in Turkey to the sweetness of its delicacy!

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