Facial Massage for couples

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Facial massage is the softening technique of the face. It is no beauty trick or weird little girl thing. Women worldwide have started to see the benefits of this simple but very effective technique for clearing up and smoothening the skin. [Dr. Aidan!]

In this day and age, when we are bombarded with impossible tasks and very stressful lifestyles, it is essential to look at some of the little things that we do to make ourselves feel calmer and more relaxed, and it seems that now, facial massage is one of those things. Yes, the eyes of your head and your forehead are gently massaged for their benefits.

The benefits of a couple massage are not just ones of relaxation and softness. Instead, they have beneficial effects on the many underlying factors of the skin, like causing blood circulation to increase in the areas where the massage is applied or through the use of alone vitamins that your face breathes.

Facial massage is the softening technique of the face. It is relaxing for the face muscles. All you need to do is just follow a few simple steps, and you will see many benefits.

Wash your face with cold water. Place a towel [thicker ones are better] over your pillow and lean back. Close your eyes and feel the pressure of the headboard [keep your eyes closed!]. Slowly, move your head from the extreme left and right sides of the headboard [start at the left side and move the head from the right side (Consider using an Asian beauty shampoo or a custom facial shampoo from your spa/salon of choice) direction to the right side. As you move the head from the left side, feel the tension in your left buttock muscles. Also, the head from the right side, feel the tension in your right buttock muscles. Move your head from the right side and left headboard. Once you have reached the bottom, place both hands together over your chest, shoulders and spike the palms. While you are doing this, place the balls of the palms on your hips. Slowly lift the breasts and let go. A few repetitions of this movement will give your breasts the shape you have always wanted. While you are doing this, make it a habit to consciously think of the headboard as being on your chest. This will help with the tension that is before you start the massage.

Wash the face with cold water. [All of you, feel the cold water on your face. It feels good, don't you think? Well, feel the cold water all over again. You may add a little warm water mixed with a bit of lemon juice to your water basin this time. Of course, feel free to use your own cold water if you like] 

When you are done, scrub your face lightly with that harsh soap. Then, apply a baby oil to your face. Press your wet hair back into a ponytail or wrap it with a towel. Get dressed. [Colors and textures of the dresses are entirely up to you.]

Food. Food can be an unnecessary waste of time. However, it is a beautiful mood lifter. 

Better yet, food is a natural form of self-medication.  When you feel the need for a bit of self-medication, eat a little and then take a big lump of something substantial such as a meal, a day at the beach, or a month's supply of money. When the stomach is empty, hump vegetable. Then, slop on some onto your face like a mask. Set aside, dig in and slather on some anti-aging oatmeal or vitamin E cream. Fall in the bed. Get your robe and food ready. Warm-up that robe. Now, get into the ring for ten minutes, and rock and roll!

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