Chastity captions - Who creates them and why?

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Male chastity is a unique kind of fantasy that some men have. They might fantasize about being denied sexual satisfaction as well as the intense and gratifying sensations that come along with it. This is not for everybody, but there is still a huge subculture around it, which sometimes shows its ugliest sides. One such side, in particular, which might seem innocent and even beneficial at first, is chastity captions.

What are chastity captions?

Most chastity captions tend to include a sexy and desirable-looking woman looking at you from the photo and telling you, in various forms, that you won’t be able to have an orgasm. The main idea of the captions is to taunt you and follow along with your male chastity fantasy, which is to deny yourself the gratification of your body desires while looking at the captions. They are also known to help measure how much the male chastity concept itself is exciting so people would be absolutely sure that this is what they want before entering into a real-life agreement. Some of the people who fantasize about male chastity, use such images to fuel their male orgasm denial fantasy, or as a test to decide whether this is really an idea that turns them on. Chastity captions can make it easier for them to imagine a situation where another dominant person is denying them gratification and get them into abstaining from sexual release. While they only consider introducing themselves to the idea of male chastity, captions may make it somewhat easier to visualize a future chastity arrangement with their partner.


How popular are chastity captions?

Male chastity captions in recent times have become so popular, that there are entire galleries of such images on picture-sharing sites, as well as blogs fully dedicated to the subject. The reason for such popularity is that many people find male chastity captions to be titillating and think that they can help to prepare for male chastity in real life. There are so many of them that people can search for the ones that fit their specific desires and to show them to their partner as an example. This in turn will give them a precise idea of the motivation behind your desire for chastity. Then you can either try to use all of the willpower you have to abstain from orgasm or you can use one of the popular male chastity devices, widely available on the market today to assist you. This level of popularity has led to the emergence of new business models within the chastity sector, in which people are using the concept of these images to earn money, and not always in a legitimate way.


Downsides of chastity captions

But besides some of the potential benefits they might present, there are, in fact, a lot more of the negative sides. Chastity captions can be offensive for religious people, who stay in chastity for reasons of faith and consider it a sacred virtue. They can also be often tasteless and insensitive for adepts of chastity, as such captions ridicule most of the ideas surrounding it. But the most distinctive downside of chastity captions right now is the growing number of people who create them in order to take advantage of the pictures’ copyrights. And it is so wrong to them for commercial gain through advertising, considering how complicated this subject is. It can also lead to the creation of clickbait titles which lead to disappointing content, and all for the sake of money.


Click bait

Few things can irritate people and erode their trust as much as purposefully misleading titles. When people open a piece of content, they believe to end up on the page that aligns with that expectation. And if you intentionally mislead them for the sake of getting more pageviews, not only will tode people probably get away almost immediately, but they will also start perceiving the industry to which that content belongs in a negative way as a result. The headlines hide information and intentionally overplay the article, so the hidden information would make people click on the link out of curiosity. And the labored content inside makes people turn off quickly because they instantly realize the blog or image gallery is not as interesting as the title implied. And chastity captions that are created only to gain more views and to show you the ads around it, without any regard to quality, are hurting the chastity industry in general.


Use of copyrighted works

Copyrights are financially beneficial for those who create them, but they can also be troublesome for people seeking to use those works. For instance, small businesses aren't allowed to use most of the music in their advertisements, since they don't have copyrights to that music. While bigger companies have dedicated means to settle things with copyright holders in order to use their works, small businesses and individuals usually don't have that much power or resources to get an agreement. The same concept also applies to the people on the internet. Copyright claims can potentially result in expensive lawsuits that can hurt those who weren’t careful enough. For example, if a person makes a version of the popular image with some changes, the creator of that image could bring a lawsuit against that person. Even if the court acknowledges that the parody of that image can be considered fair use of the work, the person would still end up wasting time and money defending themself.



There can be different opinions on the subject of chastity, and the whole industry surrounding it, but one thing is clear - unfair use of the copyrights on the images and using them for commercial profit is wrong and can hurt a lot of people. Of course, chastity captions are only one example of how image rights and click baits can be destructive, and a lot more can be said on this topic, but the sensitive nature of chastity makes it a bit more distinctive.

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