How Live Streaming Works and What Is Live Streaming Anyway?

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Live streaming:

Streaming, a word used for data transmission to someone when he uses interne to watch specific content. In streaming videos, a number of videos are uploaded and watched by clients. Streaming is way to deliver videos to the audience and then make them aware of your streaming. After all these processes, clients will be able to see streaming. 

Live streaming is not a joke and it is also not so difficult as people can’t do it. In live streaming, you don’t have to record any video before time. Just open your mobile in live streaming and starts your business via telling people face to face. This will surely end up with positive consequences. Without recording, sorting it out and even editing, just upload your moment. if you have the ability to face the camera live, then you have every inch of confidence that leads to success in a digitalized world. Livenewstime msnbc can help you with your need, I can attest to it.

There is a large and huge difference between regular streaming and live streaming. This can be learned by understanding an example. Regular streaming is like a movie actor as it has to act, edit and after getting confirmation by all teams. but in the case of live streaming, people just have to appear on camera and there is no script, no preparation before streaming just come and go. Live streaming has a number of benefits and uses. Sometimes, live streaming is used to reach out to multiple people and give them material about what they need to do in their next assignment. i.e. live streaming is a proper way t provide guidance to a number of related people. but on the other hand, live streaming is also for fun creation.

People use this option on social media outlets just to reach to their friends and fans and just talk to them, show them what you are doing and make yourselves happy. This is also a source of smiles on the faces of people. live streaming is mostly used in professional ways. Videoconferencing technologies like Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts Meet work on real-time communication (RTC) protocols rather than the protocols used by one-to-many live stream broadcasts.

Live streaming working:

On a technical level, there is a huge science that works with proper guidelines and sequence behind every live streaming activity. There are the following steps that are involved on a technical level so that your streaming works.

  • video capturing:

first of all, raw video is captured by the camera. This step is visual and everyone can see that camera is capturing moments and we can see live streaming. Except this step, all are behind the scenes and are occurring on a micro-level within every system that is providing live streaming facility. Raw video is captured and we are also watching live. But in the same time, a number of steps are performing that make your live streaming works. 

  • Segmentation:

Video data has very important and complex niches that’s why video streaming is rather difficult than making pictures. All data has to be segmented during live streaming. Data patches are made and these patches work in streamed video so live streaming becomes possible.

  • Compression and encoding:

Next is the process of compression and encoding of that segmented video. Redundant information is eliminated and compression of data takes place. For example, visual controvery is removed. 

Encoding refers to converting data from one form to another. During live streaming, video data is encoded into an interpretable digital format so that a number of devices in vast range can recognize that data. 

The very common encoding standards are as follows:

  1. H.264

  2. VP9

  3. AV1 

  4. HEVC

  • CDN distribution and caching:

Live streaming’s very important and crucial step after segmentation, encoding is CDN distribution. This step means the live streaming made available for millions of users. CDN should distribute the live streaming video to millions of viewers. CDN is a server distributer that cache and serves contents on behalf of the origin server.


Live streaming is something very new addition to social media conferencing within a few years. Now, people are keener to conduct live sessions by using the live streaming platform. 

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