Matthew Davies Talks Car Modifications That Will T

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I was absolutely amazed when my friend, Matthew Davies, showed me his newly modified car. It filled my heart with a whole new appreciation for cars. Since then, I spent my time customizing my own car and it has been a lot of fun. Indeed, a few simple modifications can make your car feel like a supercar and be a lot more attractive than it was before.

Small Changes Make a Big Impact

Here are some modifications you can do to your car that will definitely turn some heads -

1. Change tires - Tires are one of the most important parts of your car. They may not look as glamorous as widebody kits, engine swaps or big turbos, but they can drastically improve the performance of your car. In fact, if you install a good set of high-performance tires on your car, you will experience a noticeable improvement in the acceleration, braking, top speed, and the handling of your car.

This will let you drive with more zest and be comfortable at the same time.

2. Add Alloy wheels - This is a quick way to make your car look more attractive. Alloy wheels not only look nice, but they are also light in weight. Thus, a car with alloy wheels are easier to handle and are easier to control. They are also more suited for extreme driving conditions.

In fact, alloy wheels are now the standard in most cars. So, if you have an old car, you will get a boost in performance as well as looks just by changing your wheels.

3. Install an aftermarket exhaust - Factory exhaust systems typically don’t look that good and also create back pressure which creates an inefficient environment for the exhaust gases to escape out of the car engine. A quality aftermarket exhaust can provide a more efficient pathway for the exhaust gas to escape out of your engine.

Thus, it helps to create an environment where faster fuel to air mixture can happen in the combustion chamber. Ultimately, it not only turns the engine more powerful but also makes it sound great.

4. Add a short ram intake - A short ram intake is similar to a cold air intake but it is cheaper to install. You can easily improve the intake pressure of your car by replacing the OEM air intake with this smooth pipe and conical air filter inside the engine bay. This can significantly improve the performance of your car.

A short ram intake sounds great when you fully step on the throttle and it is very easy to install too.

5. Upgrade the brakes - Even if your car has a powerful engine that provides superior acceleration and performance, you cannot explore its full potential unless it has great brakes. Upgrading to a good set of brakes will let you step on the throttle without any worries. It will provide more safety and fill you with a sense of confidence that will improve your driving skills even further.

You will enjoy driving even more and people will notice how happy you look when you ride in your car.

To conclude

Even if you are not a car enthusiast like my friend, Matthew Davies, you should definitely try to customize your car. It will breathe a new soul into your ride. 

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