Internet Gambling among teens and college students

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Internet Gambling among teens and college students

When we look back on our lives, as we grew up from small children to hopeful youths to fulfilled adults, it can be hard to remember but we have all experienced the frustrations and limitations of being limited by constraints employed by those responsible for us. Being young we were curious and excited by the engagements of the adults and just wanted to be a part of it all, being the social animals that we are. For it is through wanting to be like our peers and celebrities that eventually find how to become the individual that we are meant to be. 

But of course, all things come in their due time, and centuries of trial and error produces rules and methods by which we spend our lives. Somethings you just have to wait for. Something you simply shouldn’t engage in till you’re at a position in life where you can make choices with some wisdom and experience. Gambling is one such example.

It’s a popular pastime for adults and naturally draws the attention of the youth. With the rise of the internet, gambling has also moved online. It is not surprising to know that many gambling game sites like pokerace99 have college students and teens as their users. However, it is not necessarily a cause for concern since not all gambling websites require real money to play. Such websites offer their in-game currencies that let people engage in fun games without the risk of losing real-world currency. This is very similar to a fighting game where hit points are provided to players and they lose those instead of gaining physical suffering on their person.

Why do youths gamble?

Over the decades gambling has become more and more popular in addition to taking socially acceptable forms. It is also widely promoted and heavily marketed. Many passionate Poker or Blackjack players pick up the practice from home. Due to the visibility, prevalence, and glamor given to gambling, it is only natural that the youths would be drawn to it accordingly. There are, however, three main reasons why they engage in gambling:

  1. Enjoyment 

To make an enjoyable experience for any game it requires the following elements: Engagement with other players, use of skills, and the opportunity for anyone to become the winner. Gambling has all of these. For this reason, it attracts the adults and for the same reason, it entertains the younger people. Since adolescents are more prone to be impulsive and competitive than adults, the wide variety of online games available provide a wide variety of options through which they can engage in different strategies to win against friends or strangers online.

  1. Excitement

Any game that requires engagement with other players is a source of competition and as people, completion is an excellent source of excitement for the masses. Even more so when predicting the outcome is difficult or impossible. Even talking about an event to which an outcome is unclear automatically generates a sense of excitement in people leading to a generation of great interest. As such the youth are also drawn to the same essence in online gambling games.

  1. Winning money

As mentioned previously, being young is a very limiting experience. Adolescent people are already developed enough to start grasping the realities of the social world and money is very clearly the source of liberty. Gambling has a reputation for possibility in which large sums of money can be acquired quickly over only an engagement of a few hours. This is of course a very inviting opportunity for anyone and doubly so for the young people who are limited in their capacity to acquire sums.


Interview-based research shows that internet gambling games are popular among teens and college students due to the excitement, competition, and financial incentives they offer. Since gambling is becoming more prevalent in modern society it also catches the attention of the young, it is no surprise then that gambling game companies will and do target these young people to take interest in their wares since engaging the youth with in-game currency while generating fans of the games will become grow up to become adults with money which they can offer to these companies for a good time. Considering the popularity of gambling since time immemorial, in human societies, it is not clear how things will turn out in the future but unless these companies take more predatory practices to get money out of the young, it looks like online gambling will be a popular pastime.

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