Find an Indian restaurant in Auckland

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indian restaurant Auckland

When you are craving Indian food, you need to try an Indian restaurant Auckland. There are several different ones in the city, and there are many different types of Indian cuisine to try. Below are the top Indian restaurants in Auckland. To make sure you're making the right choice, read TripAdvisor reviews. You can book a table at your favorite Indian restaurant once you've found it.

Satya has three locations in Auckland and specializes in Southern Indian cuisine. Its dahi puree includes yogurt, boiled potatoes, chickpeas, and potatoes. The special chicken curry is served with a multi-layered paratha and accompanied by a mango sauce. It also excels in the condiments that accompany its delicious Indian cuisine. To accompany their curries, guests can choose from a variety of hot pickles, mango chutney, and cooling raitha.

Satya has three locations in Auckland. It is a South Indian restaurant. The dahi pure entree is available with yogurt and boiled potato. It also includes chickpeas and onions. A multi-layer paratha is served with chicken curry. The condiments served with your meal are also a big part of the meal at Satya. Hot pickles and mango chutney are great additions to any dish. The crispy papadums are a must-have.

The traditional Indian dish of chicken curry is not the only authentic Indian cuisine. There are many Indian traditional dishes that you can choose from. There are dishes like Malai Kofta and chicken saag that will blow you away. If you're looking for more traditional Indian dishes, Sid Sahrawat has several Auckland locations. It's also a good place to grab a takeaway, which is convenient if you're on a budget.

Satya has three locations in Auckland and is one of the best options for South Indian cuisine. You can order the dahi pure entree, which comes with yogurt and boiled potato. The special chicken curry comes with a multi-layered paratha. The restaurant is also renowned for its condiments. Hot pickles and mango chutney are must-haves for any dish.

The menu is packed with authentic Indian dishes. The chicken saag and yogurt are a favorite. You can also order the Malai kofta in a takeaway version. Both are well-known and popular in the city. There are also many great Indian restaurants in Auckland. Here are some of the best: SATYA & GG X Flamingo

Oh, Calcutta offers Indian food at a more luxurious price than Auckland. The restaurant is renowned for its delicious, authentic Indian cuisine. It's been around for 21 years and offers many varieties of Indian cuisine including the famous butter chicken from Auckland. You can also try vegetarian curries and chili cheese naan. All three are delicious, but the first one will be your favorite. You'll never regret a meal at this place!

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